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The video I chose to watch was Albert Hitchcock’s Notorious. I pay a lot of attention to the visual parts of film so that is what I commented mostly on.

Fluffies video

The last assignment that I did was called Create A Lyric Video¬†worth 3 stars. This was a really fun assignment. The song I used was What’s up Pussycat by Tom Jones. I have had this song stuck in my head for days cause I was really missing my cats. All the pictures are of my 2 cats. This had to have been ones of my favorite assignments.

Hide and Seek

The next assignment I did was called 5 Second Film worth 4.5 stars. The task was to make a 5 second video and I did mine about my character Caleb and Chelsea’s character Shadow. I tried to make it funny but it is really hard to make a 5 second video anything other than short haha. I have to say this might have been one of the hardest assignments.

Christmas in March

The first assignment that I decided to do was called Countdown To Christmas worth 3 stars. I am the type of person who looks forward to Christmas time and never thinks it is too early to listen to Christmas music. This assignment just made me so happy because I was able to think of all the lovely Christmas movies that I enjoy all the time. Hope you like the list.

Caleb and Shadow forever

The last assignment that we did was called Make My Day worth 3 stars. Chelsea and I did this one together as an alternative ending to our radio show. This would be as if Shadow and Caleb did not die and they did one more heist together so they could run away and live happily. Here is an illustrated list of the best day for them.

  • Get Dressed

  • Get donuts and whiskey

  • Plan out heist

  • Do the heist

  • Run away with money

  • Laying out on the beach


The next assignment that I did was called Cheesy Radio Ad For Your school worth 3.5 stars. This assignment I also did with Chelsea where we used our characters to do the ad. I like how it turned out. It was not difficult to come up with what to say but the editing took longer than it should have. Our ad is to get people to attend Mary Washington.

Face swaps

Another assignment I did was called Professor Groom Poster worth 4.5 stars. This was a rather difficult assignment because we were supposed to swap faces and I also added faces of Chelsea and my characters. I like how it turned out in the end. It is the little mermaid. Caleb is a police officer and his face is on Sebastian, Jim’s face is on Ariel, and Shadows face is on Prince Eric.

little fam

DS106 Angles

One of the assignments that I did with Chelsea was called DS106 Horror worth 1 star. We decided that we wanted to put the DS106 words in front of our radio show characters. I think it turned out pretty well and makes it look pretty creepy. Our characters are Shadow, Harvey, and Caleb.



Caleb’s Theme

The assignment I did last was Your Theme Song worth 4 stars about my character. What I chose was dramatic type sounds that I felt fit the image that I could see as being Caleb. I hope you like it.


Another assignment that I chose to do was Emotions Through Sound worth 3 stars about my character. What is going in the audio that is playing is that Caleb has came to a house that he heard noise at so when he walks in he sees someone laying on the ground with class all around and a phone off the hook. Will he is trying to pick up the class there is sirens in the background. The emotions are strong in this short section of audio.

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