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Face swaps

Another assignment I did was called Professor Groom Poster worth 4.5 stars. This was a rather difficult assignment because we were supposed to swap faces and I also added faces of Chelsea and my characters. I like how it turned out in the end. It is the little mermaid. Caleb is a police officer and his face is on Sebastian, Jim’s face is on Ariel, and Shadows face is on Prince Eric.

little fam

Caleb’s Wallpaper

The last assignment that I completed was called Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper worth 4 stars. The wallpaper that I did represents my noir character and it is what I would expect him to have as his background. This assignment was an interesting one and I really enjoyed it.

Caleb wallpaper

Lyrical Typography

Another assignment that I completed was called Lyric Typography Poster worth 4 stars. This assignment asked us to make a typography using our favorite lyrics. I just took some lyrics out of the song I was listening to when I was doing this homework (Me Against the World by 2Pac). I really like doing things like this.


Valentines Day Noir

The next assignment I did was called Noir Valentines worth 2 star. ¬†What we have to do was pick a picture and make it into a valentines day card. The image I chose was of a police office smoking. The movie it was from id The Dude’s Talk and it reminds me of what I think Caleb (no noir character) would look like.

police noir

The Daily Police Bulliet

The first assignment that I did of the design assignments is the Newspaper design worth 3 star. What was asked to do was to make a newspaper that you personally design. I made mine about Sheriff Caleb (my noir character). This newspaper is what the officers in his area decided would be a good thing to start so that the citizens knew what was going on. Each officer has to write their own story and try and help the people understand something. I had fun making this paper and I think I made it rather interesting.