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Caleb and Shadow forever

The last assignment that we did was called Make My Day worth 3 stars. Chelsea and I did this one together as an alternative ending to our radio show. This would be as if Shadow and Caleb did not die and they did one more heist together so they could run away and live happily. Here is an illustrated list of the best day for them.

  • Get Dressed

  • Get donuts and whiskey

  • Plan out heist

  • Do the heist

  • Run away with money

  • Laying out on the beach

DS106 Angles

One of the assignments that I did with Chelsea was called DS106 Horror worth 1 star. We decided that we wanted to put the DS106 words in front of our radio show characters. I think it turned out pretty well and makes it look pretty creepy. Our characters are Shadow, Harvey, and Caleb.



Caleb’s bag

This assignment is called what’s in your bag and it is worth 3 stars. Caleb is a sheriff that prides himself in being able to not need that much to survive each day. I carries very little with him everyday in his bag.


To start he carries a coffee cup so that he can stay awake after his night the night before. Everyone knows not to bother him if he does not have his coffee. The next thing he has is a shot glass because he never knows when he is going to need a drink. He will drink at any moment so he needs to be ready for when he feels like it. Next in his bag we find a pen. He carries on just because he knows that he should for the job. The set of keys that are in his bag have a key to his farm, the office, and the car. Another thing he always has is cash. He always likes to have a good amount of cash on him because he never knows what he will need. He also always has a knife with him. It is just something he always has. The phone is his but the case he found and the bar and decided to keep it so that his phone could have a case. The last thing is the laptop. He is only supposed to use it for work but he uses it as if it is his personal one.

Caleb’s A-Z life

The A-Z photo collage (worth 3 points) was rather difficult to do when I chose to only do pictures about my character. All the pictures I chose represent Caleb in some way. They range from things to do with his job as a sheriff to his random hobbies.


a- ammunition (he needs these for his job)

b- boots (what he wears on the farm)

c- cigarettes (what he smokes)

d- donuts (his favorite breakfast)

e- eagle (sign of freedom)

f- farm (where he lives)

g- gun (what he uses for his job)

h- handcuffs (what he uses for his job)

i- ice cream (one of his favorite food)

j- jacket (he only wears the same leather jacket)

k- keys (what he has to carry)

l- laptop (where he keeps all his information)

m- money (what he loves more than anything)

n- nails (he uses these to fix the farm)

o- orange (his favorite snack)

p- phone (he uses to keep in contact)

q- question (he asks a lot of them)

r- radio (he likes his music)

s- shots (what he drinks every night)

t- taser (what he uses for work)

u- uniform (what he has to wear for work)

v- vest (something else he wears for the job)

w- watch ( what he wears)

x- xylophone (his secrete favorite instrument)

y- yogurt (his favorite breakfast when he is being healthy)

z- zipper (what his jacket has)

The Swing

I really like how pictures can influence what words mean to a person. One of the visual assignments that I did was Poetry Art worth 3 stars. The poem that I picked was one that has always been a favorite of mine from my childhood. The picture that I chose was one that I took in France over the summer. I feel like the picture adds to the meaning of the words.

the swing

Chip without a chip

O how I love Beauty and the Beast. It is just one of the best Disney movies in my opinion. The funny thing is that if you have ever seen the “Phantom of the Opera” it is like the same type of love story as in Beauty and the Beast. The first assignment I chose to do this week was Putting Disney Into Focus. It was worth 2 stars and I found it easy to find the perfect piece. Here is my tea cup to represent my favorite movie.

beauty and the beast

In the movie the main tea cups name is chip if you did  not already know.