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Always trust the Shadow

The Shadow

The Death triangle


Dubrille: I will only be safe locked in my room. Corevet is coming to get me and it is safer locked in a room

Martin: Fine run away but I would be careful that he is not already in your room

Evan: I suggest we stay together so that we are all safe

Debrille: (in his room) Is that you Martin? If so leave I do not want you here

Martin: I have been trying to find the perfect moment to kill you both and now that we are all in a house alone this is the ideal time.

Debrille: did you think I was going to come to this house without something to protect me. I have a gun and you have a knife. Who do you think will win?

Martin: I promised Martin that I would kill you for him before I killed him. I am Corvet and this is where you die


Evans: How could Martin and Debrille kill each other. We were supposed to stand beside each other no mater what. Now I am the only one left for Corvet to come after.

Shadow: All three of them are dead. Corvet killed Martin and then pretended to be him and the fake Martin killed Debrille while Debrille killed the fake Martin. I found out that Corvet killed the real Martin a long time ago so that he did not have to be sent back. They pretended that they found him and sent him back so people would not worried. But really Corvet has been on the missing persons list for years. I have been keeping tabs on all of yall to see if there was anything suspicious. When I found Corvet putting on a wig and a mask I decided that I should send the music box so that this could be over with once and for all. I made sure that you, Dr. Evens were in no danger. Have a good evening.



I hate having to write stories because I am really bad at them. Having to write this alternative ending was so much harder than writing it from scratch. You already know how it is supposed to end to changing the ending just does not seem right. But nun the less this was a fun way to look at writing.

I did though like this play because it reminded me of scooby-doo with the masked villain.

Three words

Here is a haiku about my character using the 3 random Wednesday words.


Amicable ugh

Am I Frivolous? No

I am Unrefined

Bribing the sheriff

Shocking news in the small town of Ketchum, ID; On 7/6/2014 sheriff Caleb is going on trial for taking multiple bribes and gambling. He is being charged with stealing money that people set as bail and now there seems to be none left. The bar owner is very concerned with who is going to pay his tab because he told officers that he had no money left. Some of the bribes the he may have excepted include watches, hats and wine. If you gave Sheriff Caleb anything you need to call in and tell the police what it was and why you gave him it. He told one person that he didn’t care what could happen because he would probably be gone tomorrow. If anyone has any other news on this please contact the sheriffs office.


This assignment was Police Beat and the song that helped with this was “Last Dollar” by Tim GcGraw. It was a difficult some because there is noting mean in it at all. I used my character dossier in this also.

Figure me out

I named my blog The Music of the Night for many reasons. If you are someone who knows Broadway than you know this is a song in Phantom of the Opera. I have grown up around operas, musicals, and plays my whole life. I liked this name because to me I wanted a name for the blog that described what the blog would be about and what I am about. I love music. If you ask me my favorite kind of music it will be different each day. Music is people expressing themselves. I may never be able to express myself through music, I can not sing and I am horrible at playing an instrument, I love to learn about other people. Just like reading a blog that people wright to describe themselves, it is so much more fun to try and figure out what they are saying through a song.

This name is not just a song name to me either. I find that this class is like a big mystery. We are all on our computers somewhere doing about the same things. Some people may be outside in the rain, even though I have no idea who would be stupid enough to take their nice computers out in the rain, doing the same assignment that I am doing in my room this fine evening. It is a mystery. Just like the night. You may not be able to see a person clearly in the dark but you can still talk to them and learn about them. That is what we are doing here. We are learning about each other and even ourselves without actually seeing the person. Through clues we can make out what a person is like or what they like to do without actually spending any face to face interaction, that could also be a bad thing.

So to sum up my rambling The Music of the Night is a place to let people figure out who I am through what I say.

Merry go round

This was a random picture of a merry go round that I love along with a haiku that I thought could go with it. I was raining that day and the ride was fenced off like it has been unused for a while.


unknown mystery

creepy faces in the rain

abandon circle

marry go round