Category: Best Work

90s movie

I found this picture on someones flicker and loved it. I looked at the daily creates and found the picture that I liked under My different sides. It is called Self portrait¬†by Maxwell Johnson.¬†I love this picture. It is so different than anything I’ve seen by anyone else in the class. I love how he made three different images of himself into one picture. I feel like it belongs in a 90s movie like the breakfast club or 16 candles.

Mobil sign

Another picture that I chose to add to the inspire page is called Intergalactic Gasoline by Kim. I really liked how it looks so different than everyone else. She did not combine two common logos but rather two completely different ones. I also love how well the logos go together and how they look like it is real. It was done very well.


Hazel Eye

Another image that I loved and decided to post up in the inspire page was another daily create. The image was called My Hazel Eye by Janelle Pierangelino. This eye picture looks so interesting. There is shadows around her face that just looks so mysterious. The eye itself looks like it is changing and hiding something. The color of the eye is so vibrant compared to the rest of the picture and makes it look that much more interesting. I really do love this picture.

My Hazel Eye


The first inspire that I did was called theramincats by Cathy Finn-Derecki. This was one of the daily creates. What was asked was to make a poster of cats in space. I liked this one the most out of all of them and I had to go back and find it to put it in this. What really stuck out was the vibrant colors. The green is so bright and sticks out so much. I also love how well the cat head fits on the body. It does not look like it is a completely different image but as if the head was there all along. Another thing that I liked about this image is how the words are all not the same font. It makes them stand out that much more. I hope yall like the picture as much as I do.