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2 more daily creates

This week there was 2 daily creates that we had to do. It was a hectic week so I was only able to do the 2 and not anymore. I must say I am still enjoying this assignment and it’s still exciting to see what the next ones are everyday. The first one I did this week was called Arty Blur on March 19th. This one was a picture of something and make it blurry. The one that I used was a picture of the Christmas lights on my bedroom wall.


The second daily create that I did was on March 20th and the assignment was to wright a poem about rainy days. I just put a few words down and made it a short poem that I thought went together.


Daily creates!!! Week 8

This week we were asked to do 3 daily creates. This week I had one daily create that I loved and the rest were just ok to do. The first assignment that I did was on March 11th. It was to make an abstract sketch of something you did last week. What i drew was a snowman because it snowed when I went home and built a snowman with my brother.


The next daily create that I did was on March 12th and it was to make a video of things that makes you laugh out loud. I made a video of my cats. I actually really like this video and how I made it.

The last daily create that I did was on March 15th. It was to make an step by step list of how to do something. What I chose was to do one on how to make pasta. I really did not enjoy this one but it was easy to do.

spaghetti steps


This week we were assigned to do 3 daily creates. The first one I did was on Wednesday the 25th. The assignment was to make a story using 5 emojis. I really enjoyed this assignment because it was fun to have to come up with a a story by looking at a few images.


doughnut cats

The next daily create that I did was on Saturday the 28th. This one was an interesting assignment to say the least. What we were asked to do was to take a picture of an everyday object being used as a heel. I used my cat as my object, she really did not appreciate me :(.


The last assignment that I completed was on Sunday the 1st. What was asked to do was to make a movie trailer about things that scare you. This was an interesting thing to do. I enjoyed making the video but did not really enjoy having to think about the things that scare me.

Everyday creates week 5

This week we were asked to complete 3 daily creates. I started out doing the one on Monday 2/9 which was to make a portrait for David because it was his birthday. Here is mine:

david birthday

The second daily create I did was on Tuesday 2/10 which we were asked to make something with our hands. I have a picture of my nails painted :)


The last daily create I did this week was on 2/12. We were asked to make a family tree. The family tree I have is of my rugby team. It is complicate to explain but in rugby you are part of a family and here is most of them.

UMW rugby family tree

Week 4 creativity

I am still enjoying the daily creates but it is sometimes hard to remember to do it before midnight. I guess that is really only a problem for the people who stay up late at night to do their homework (so me haha). I would have to say that I really liked the daily create on Monday the 2nd.  What we were asked to do for this one was find something that is in ruins or is just decaying. I really liked seeing what other people found because there was so many different things that got put up and they all looked really cool. The picture that I put up was of a burning car. I was just walking down the road and I saw this care in someones yard. I bet they had a horrible day.


The second daily create that I completed was on Tuesday the 3rd. I also enjoyed this daily create because we were asked to take a picture and put words on it, with the theme of I’m sorry. The picture that I chose to use for this assignment was of my dog Bear when she sleeps on the treadmill.


Sooo those are my two daily creates for the week. I am looking forward to seeing what next week will bring.

Create week 3

The daily creates this week I found not as much fun as last week. I did 3 of them. The first one I completed was on Monday. It was the doodle.


This one was easy to do because I doodle all the time. I feel like it is something most people do when they are really bored. The next daily create was to make a 2048 board. What I did was I chose really cute pictures of red pandas because I love red pandas.

red panda 2048

I found this one to be also easy because all I had to do was add pictures to the website that was given. It was fun to play along with the other games that I found there also. The last daily create that I did this week was to wright about a common item that people use. I wrote about using a water bottle.


This weeks daily creates were interesting and I am looking forward to seeing what next weeks ones will be.


Creative thinking

The start to having to do daily creates is exciting but also very stressful. I love waiting to see what the next day could be but at the same time I do not. I want to know which ones I can skip and which ones I want to do. This week they all were fun, maybe not the yodeling one though.

The first one that I did was on January 21st. What was asked was to somehow draw a cat playing a synthesizer in space. I did enjoy this one. I found a picture of my cat and tried to edit him as much as possible so it looks like he was playing the synthesizer in space. (His name is Simba :))

cat space


My next daily create was done on January 22nd and this one was not as fun for me. Our task was to yodel and record the yodel. My roommate Chelsea did it with me so it wasn’t as bad. We had fun with it trying to learn how to actually yodel.

This is the yodel that was the final product


On January 23rd we were asked to do an eye selfie. This daily create I enjoyed after I finished. It was interesting to see what other people did though.



The last one that I did was on January 25th. We were tasked to do a word painting. I picked a word that I have always liked and found to be a funny word.