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The Darkening Agency Update #4

Shadow and I have worked together on this case for a couple weeks now. I am proud to announce that we have official apprehended Jack and he is behind bars. The main reason it took us so long to find him was because he was using Jack as an alias. His real name is Moe. During the interrogating processes we got a confession so the case is closed. Here is the recording of the interrogating and the confession. Also there are the mugshots.





The video I chose to watch was Albert Hitchcock’s Notorious. I pay a lot of attention to the visual parts of film so that is what I commented mostly on.

End of Week 9

This week was all about learning how to make videos. Well before we could even start the videos we had to finish the radio shows. The tweet along this week was just as much fun as always but I have to say it was rather confusing. I still love doing it though and seeing how other people feel when they first hear something and what their reactions are.

Because this is the end to the radio shows that means, of course, there needs to be a blog post about it. I must say that I loved this radio show assignment and I loved hearing how everyone else completed this assignment.

And of course there was daily creates this week. I am still enjoying those and looking forward to the next ones.

Something else that we had to do was watch a few short videos and read an article about videos. The videos were quite interesting and the article said a lot that I remember that we were also told in the visual part of this class.

I chose to do the 8 stars worth of assignments this week. The first assignment that I did was  called Countdown To Christmas worth 3 stars. The next one was 5 Seconds Film worth 4.5 stars about my character and Chelsea’s character. The last assignment was Create A Lyric Video worth 3 stars. I had a lot of fun with these assignments.

The last thing we had to do this week was make a video commenting on how we felt the video that we watched used the skills that we read about. This was a really difficult movie to make.

Fluffies video

The last assignment that I did was called Create A Lyric Video worth 3 stars. This was a really fun assignment. The song I used was What’s up Pussycat by Tom Jones. I have had this song stuck in my head for days cause I was really missing my cats. All the pictures are of my 2 cats. This had to have been ones of my favorite assignments.

Hide and Seek

The next assignment I did was called 5 Second Film worth 4.5 stars. The task was to make a 5 second video and I did mine about my character Caleb and Chelsea’s character Shadow. I tried to make it funny but it is really hard to make a 5 second video anything other than short haha. I have to say this might have been one of the hardest assignments.

Christmas in March

The first assignment that I decided to do was called Countdown To Christmas worth 3 stars. I am the type of person who looks forward to Christmas time and never thinks it is too early to listen to Christmas music. This assignment just made me so happy because I was able to think of all the lovely Christmas movies that I enjoy all the time. Hope you like the list.

How to video!

Another thing that was asked to do this week is read about videos and watch 3 of the assigned ones. I picked 3 of the youtube videos. The reason I chose them was of course they are rather short but also I love the task of editing video and these all sounded like things that should be known when you edit a video. I really liked the video on camera angles because last year in my fsem we watched goodfellas and the way they showed the scene in the dinner with the camera moving out was so cool because I didn’t even pay that much attention to how dramatic it made the scene. I liked when the video stated that the more you deviate from the norm the better it would be. Another thing I didn’t realize was how many different camera angles there are and how they really change the way you see a movie. I have to say though that the editing techniques video was nothing new to what I already knew but it was cool to see all the things that I use in my videos to blend scenes is actually in movies and I just never paid as much attention or cared as much as I do with my own videos.

Reading that article reminded me of the articles and things we worked on with pictures. The shadows and camera angles apply to both forms. It is really interesting how close but completely different pictures and videos are.

2 more daily creates

This week there was 2 daily creates that we had to do. It was a hectic week so I was only able to do the 2 and not anymore. I must say I am still enjoying this assignment and it’s still exciting to see what the next ones are everyday. The first one I did this week was called Arty Blur on March 19th. This one was a picture of something and make it blurry. The one that I used was a picture of the Christmas lights on my bedroom wall.


The second daily create that I did was on March 20th and the assignment was to wright a poem about rainy days. I just put a few words down and made it a short poem that I thought went together.


End to a great show

Looking back on the radio show I still love it. It was so much fun but that does not mean it didn’t come with its fair share of difficulties. The first difficulty was finding a time we could all meet that didn’t conflict with sports or school or work. After finishing the project we loved it. It was so great to hear it live on the radio but we were afraid that people wouldn’t understand it. See everyone’s tweets than how they felt in there blog posts made everything worth while. People seemed to really enjoy the show and all the hard work that we put in to have it finished. Something that probably helped a lot was that my roommate was in my group. It was easy to find times her and I could work on it. It ended up we did the editing in 2 different states and it didn’t make it any harder or easier. The part I enjoyed the most about this project has to be the recording part. It was so much fun to be able to goof around with my group. I didn’t realize how many takes we would have to do because people kept saying the wrong words or they laughed. But that was the best part because you got to see peoples personalities better.

Some advise that I would give to future ds106 students is don’t be afraid to ask people to join your group over twitter and do not stress over this assignment. It is a lot of fun and does not take up as much time but that does not mean it’s good to wait till Sunday night to do it. That will result in a show that probably will be way to short. Just enjoy this project. It is fun.

Tweet tweet again

This week I did a tweet along with the two shows on Thursday the 19th. Both of the shows confused me greatly but they were rather interesting. The dinner show one had great sound effects. I loved the way the group would scream and it sounded like they were all really scared. I really wish we were able to find out who murdered who because now i’m really curious. The way they introduced the characters, I think should have been more clear. I would have liked to know who everyone was.

For the second show I was just confused. I loved all the different voices and how dramatic it was but I had no idea what was going on. Even after they tried to explain I was still horribly confused.

My tweets are on the sidebar of my blog. I did like the shows and I still enjoy the tweet along.

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