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End to a great show

Looking back on the radio show I still love it. It was so much fun but that does not mean it didn’t come with its fair share of difficulties. The first difficulty was finding a time we could all meet that didn’t conflict with sports or school or work. After finishing the project we loved it. It was so great to hear it live on the radio but we were afraid that people wouldn’t understand it. See everyone’s tweets than how they felt in there blog posts made everything worth while. People seemed to really enjoy the show and all the hard work that we put in to have it finished. Something that probably helped a lot was that my roommate was in my group. It was easy to find times her and I could work on it. It ended up we did the editing in 2 different states and it didn’t make it any harder or easier. The part I enjoyed the most about this project has to be the recording part. It was so much fun to be able to goof around with my group. I didn’t realize how many takes we would have to do because people kept saying the wrong words or they laughed. But that was the best part because you got to see peoples personalities better.

Some advise that I would give to future ds106 students is don’t be afraid to ask people to join your group over twitter and do not stress over this assignment. It is a lot of fun and does not take up as much time but that does not mean it’s good to wait till Sunday night to do it. That will result in a show that probably will be way to short. Just enjoy this project. It is fun.

Ending of the radio show week

The first thing that I did this week was my write up about our radio show. I actually enjoyed completing this project and am looking forward to another assignment like this. I really like how the radio show turned out and our group of 3 worked very well together. Here is our finished show.

The next thing that I did was 3 daily creates. These were not as much fun as in previous weeks but I did enjoy writing the short story with the emojis.

The last thing that I did this week was to comment on 10 peoples blogs. I think all the radio shows that I saw were really good.

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Radio Show progress

This week was all about doing the radio show. It was so hard to find times to get together as a group but I bet it would be a lot harder if it was more than 3 of us in the group. We decided to meet on Thursday of the snow day at school and because of that we got a lot done. We used the sound booth and recorded the whole thing and wrote the whole script. I did not expect to have to redo the recordings as many times as we did. There was so many mess ups and redoes.

The biggest problem was having to do the commercials. We decided that we were going to use the bumpers that we already made but each of us had to make a commercial. That was hard to complete or figure out a good idea for it. Other than that the radio show was a fun project and no where near as hard as I expected it to be and a lot more fun.


Our radio show has a great concept (at least in my opinion) and the poster that Justin created really shows that. It is a small town that looks abandoned with only shadow left. It gives a little brief overview into what our show will be about if you listen to it.

ds poster

Dead Silence

My group has decided to make a radio show about our characters and how they are intertwined. We have started to come up with a script that is three acts in length. Before we can start out recording we have started to make a script. It is still a work in progress but the concept is there. We have also decided that the bumpers that are going to be used are the ones that we made last week. We still have to make one more bumper for the end of the show. It is proving to be a little difficult to come p with some commercial ideas though.

Our group contains three people also and all of our characters fit nicely into our idea for the show. It should be an interesting radio show when it gets finished.

So to sum up the rambling we have started to sum up what we paln on doing and where everything will fit in. The next step is to make the final script, a fourth bumper, and the 3 commercials. I am looking forward to seeing how this ends up.