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How to video!

Another thing that was asked to do this week is read about videos and watch 3 of the assigned ones. I picked 3 of the youtube videos. The reason I chose them was of course they are rather short but also I love the task of editing video and these all sounded like things that should be known when you edit a video. I really liked the video on camera angles because last year in my fsem we watched goodfellas and the way they showed the scene in the dinner with the camera moving out was so cool because I didn’t even pay that much attention to how dramatic it made the scene. I liked when the video stated that the more you deviate from the norm the better it would be. Another thing I didn’t realize was how many different camera angles there are and how they really change the way you see a movie. I have to say though that the editing techniques video was nothing new to what I already knew but it was cool to see all the things that I use in my videos to blend scenes is actually in movies and I just never paid as much attention or cared as much as I do with my own videos.

Reading that article reminded me of the articles and things we worked on with pictures. The shadows and camera angles apply to both forms. It is really interesting how close but completely different pictures and videos are.

Tweet tweet again

This week I did a tweet along with the two shows on Thursday the 19th. Both of the shows confused me greatly but they were rather interesting. The dinner show one had great sound effects. I loved the way the group would scream and it sounded like they were all really scared. I really wish we were able to find out who murdered who because now i’m really curious. The way they introduced the characters, I think should have been more clear. I would have liked to know who everyone was.

For the second show I was just confused. I loved all the different voices and how dramatic it was but I had no idea what was going on. Even after they tried to explain I was still horribly confused.

My tweets are on the sidebar of my blog. I did like the shows and I still enjoy the tweet along.

Maury Radio Show

The radio show that I listened in on was the one about Maury Show and who murdered who and who was the father. I found it to be very interesting. The way that they explained everything and introduced things after breaks really helped me to understand the show better. Also I liked the many sound effects they had.

Earlier in the class I was looking at other peoples bumpers and found one that I really liked. I was looking through all them recently and could not find the bumper. I find it really funny that this radio show had that bumper. I also enjoyed all the other bumpers and commercials this one had.

I am very glad that I decided to listen in on this day.

Tweet tweet

This week I did the tweet along on Wednesday the 18th. I have to say that it was rather confusing but it was an interesting story. I still really enjoy the tweet along because it is interesting to see what other people opinions are of the same thing that I am listening to. It is cool to see what peoples first reactions are just like what my first reactions are. If you want to see my tweet along responses than you can look on my twitter :).

copy what

I actually have never found a reason where copyright has been a problem. When I write papers I have always been told to make sure I give credit and the same thing when editing songs and images. There is something that I did find really annoying with copyright and that was when it really started to hit YouTube. It was really interesting to see everything be taken down and how people reacted to it. Listening to the TED talk made me remember that. I did not think about how much our generation uses other peoples things to make their own thing. The way he described some things made me really think. If with those mash-up videos the amount of different things that could be called as copyright there would have been nothing left.

I just found the fair(y) tale video to be interesting because it was a mash-up and I watched it right after the TED talk about mash-ups. It was hard to understand what they were actually trying to describe but it gave an interesting view on the idea of copyright. But the way they made it was hard to actually understand what some of it was saying.

The articles really did not add anything new. They were boring to read, especially the history one, and they were long. I did find it interesting that there is something that is alternative to copyright so that things can be used. That was an interesting concept.

Another noir movie

I watched Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity. Just to start off I want to say that it was rather boring and it may have been because it was in black and white or it may have just been a boring movie. Something that I found really interesting though was a part where the main character mentioned the lighting due to the Venetian blinds. It was like he was just pointing out elements of noir in the movie. Most of the time I felt like the actors and actresses stayed indoors during the movie so the space was always in small rooms which added a lot of dramatic effects because there is not a lot of other places to go.  I really liked when they were driving in the car and you could tell that it was not a really car because of the scenery in the back window. I just found that to be rather funny.

Well the space in this movie was really cool because when I payed attention I saw that most of the movie you were focused on the people. The camera really did not show you what was around them. The only way that you really knew where they were was if they got up and walked around or if there was noise. Like with the train tracks it was so dark that I really could not tell that they were at a train station but the noise was the key. I also feel like most of this movie took place at night time but I really can not be sure about that.

The last thing I want to put out there is that this movie had a plot just like almost all the other movies and stories we have watched. It was a wife who decides to kill her husband so she can get his money and then there is another man who will throw her under the bus so he can also have what he wants. They may want to come up with different plots but at the same time people must like them if there are still more being made.

Not classical music just a book

When I was trying to read this I was also listening to classical music and I found it really funny that the song that came on when I started to read the title was Pachelbel Canon in D. I just thought the tittle of this could also be a good tittle for a classical song. I found The Vignelli Canon to be very interesting and insightful to read. I really like in the very begging where he said the design has three thing, Semantic, Syntactic, and Programmatic. This is a very interesting way to look at design. I never realized that I pretty much do all of this in my design already. Before I start anything I research what it is and why it is interesting to me. I do not like to spend my time on something that later on I will look back and wonder what it actually means and how that could mean anything to me. Something that I do not agree with though is when he talks about how art needs discipline. I feel like some times things are better when you do not think about it and you just see how it turns out. With that attitude sometimes there is a new meaning you can get from your work than the attended one that you started it for. I was a little confused on how tried to describe the design principles but in his conclusion I do agree. The use of the different design principles is what makes visual art strong and makes it meaningful. His pictures really helped to add to his point that he was trying to make in this booklet.


For this assignment we were asked to take pictures that fit into different categories. This is my DesignBlitz!


In this category we had to find things that represents color. It could be lack of color that makes the thing have more meaning like the pictures that I picked. The first one is black, white, and red. The little bit of read that is used in this really brings out a whole different image than if the whole thing was just black and white. The second picture is of some white columns and one of them is red. The one red on really stands out and makes it took so different. I like the little bit of color in both of these images because it makes them that much stronger.




In this section the task was to find typography which is visual things with written words. The first one in one of the art studio windows and even with the little amount of words and no pictures it still is very bold and draws your eye. The way that it is the only thing in the window and how the lettering is bold and black and white is really interesting. The second image that I chose was a poster that has a person with words all over their person. This image would not have as much meaning if the words were not there. That is what typography is. An image will not have the same or even any meaning with the words to represent it.




In this section I picked some art that is trying to make a point. This is a man throwing things in the trashcan. It is very symbolic for telling people to do their part and help the environment.


Minimalism & use of space

This picture I think is a great example of minimalism. There is nothing on this door other than a black border. If you look really close there is some patterns in the white but it is very hard to see and there is very little.



This is a great image of a message because it is a written message. It is very small but that does not change the meaning of it.



Both of these pictures portray rhythm. The first one is a wall that has the same images repeated over and over to make up the whole wall. The second image is of the floor and the diamonds are in patterns that duplicate over and over to make up the floor.




The first image is a great example of proportion because the head is huge but the body is small. It is not the type of thing we would expect to see when we see a picture of a person. The second image is of all different boxes that are different sizes. The way that they are lined up also shows the importance of proportion the the image.





What could we do for a 20-30 minute radio show????

  • Combine all of the characters of the people in the group and have them meet and see what happens between each of them
  • Use a popular movie and change it so it fits into the noir theme
  • How about we just play music because that is what a radio is for haha i guess it could be some suspenseful music

Audio makes stories

Audio is very important for just about everything. Even when you read a book there is still audio but it is what you come up with and what you think would fit. The sound that is found in stories is what changes the mood and tells the audience how they should feel.

I feel like the difference in the same clips was very dramatic. Both of them had music and street noises but one utilized more of the music and the other the street noises. My opinion on a theme song to start a movie is that when I hear the song I feel like I still have time to get settled and grab whatever I want to settle into the movie. The problem with this is I would have missed the whole introduction and what happened. With the street noises there is a sense that something is going to happen and it heightens the dramatic feel. My opinion is that I like theme music because I like music in general. I feel like music is what sets the mood and gets you ready for what may happen. If it is dramatic music like what was used in this clip than you are aware that something dramatic is going to happen. The street noise, in my opinion, is a great way to show what is going to happen but also rather boring compared to the use of music.

Reading the article about Radio Noir was actually interesting. I found that a decent amount that was in there we had already read in other articles about noir in general. Most of it was about the history of noir and what makes people associate certain sounds with noir.

The last thing we were asked to look at was the ds106 radio show. I tuned in on Thursday night and it was a very interesting experience. The tweet along made it better in my opinion. It was fun to comment on what was going on and have other people comment similar things. The first thing we heard confused me so much but I really liked how Paul made the comment about the noir cat.

The second thing that we listened to was about the moon landing. That was so intense and every sound made it that much better. The people even sounded like they were scarred. I did enjoy that story.

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