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Week 8 finished

This week there is a ton of posts that were asked to do. Again we were asked to do daily creates. 3 of them to be exact. I liked the video one the best of mine but they were all rather interesting.

The next thing that was completed was the tweet along of a radio show. I really liked the show that I listened in on. It was a little confusing but did not loose my interest at all.

Another thing we had to do this week was 4 inspire assignments. The first one I did was a picture of a cat in space. Then I did one for someones eye daily create. Next was an assignment where they were asked to combine 2 logos to make one. The last inspire that I did was another daily create called my different sides. That last one was my favorite out of all of them.

Next we were asked to do 10 stars worth of assignments. These assignments all need to be about our characters and another character in the class. It was extra credit if you did the assignments with another person also. Chelsea and I did all of the assignments about both of our characters, Caleb and shadow, and we worked together on all of them. The first assignment was called DS106 Horror worth 1 star. The next assignment we did was Professor Groom Poster worth 4.5 stars. Then we did the assignment Cheesy Radio Ad For Your school worth 3.5 stars. The last assignment we did was Make My Day worth 3 stars. These were all so much more fun to complete because we did them as if they were a story and we did them together.

The last thing to do this week is to comment 10 times again:

We Will, We Will ROCK YOU!!!

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Ending of the radio show week

The first thing that I did this week was my write up about our radio show. I actually enjoyed completing this project and am looking forward to another assignment like this. I really like how the radio show turned out and our group of 3 worked very well together. Here is our finished show.

The next thing that I did was 3 daily creates. These were not as much fun as in previous weeks but I did enjoy writing the short story with the emojis.

The last thing that I did this week was to comment on 10 peoples blogs. I think all the radio shows that I saw were really good.

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End of week 6

This week we were asked to start working on our radio show.  I must say that I am actually looking forward to starting to actually make the show and see how it turns out in the end. I really like the poster that my group has for out radio show and think that it adds a lot to the expectation of what will happen.

The next thing that we had to do this week was a tweet along again. I chose to listen in on Wednesday. I again really enjoyed what other people said and I found it interesting the amount of times that I would be getting ready to say something and see that someone else thought the same thing as me.

Another thing we were asked to do this week was to do audio assignments. The first one I chose was Spooky Sounds worth 4 stars. I like how my assignment turned out for this one. The next assignment that I did was Emotions Through Sound worth 3 stars. I also did this assignment about my character so it made it even more interesting and gave me something else to add to him. The last assignment that I did was Your Theme song worth 4 stars. I also did this one about my character and I really liked it.

The last thing we were asked to do this week is to comment on 10 peoples blogs. Here are the blogs that I commented on this week.

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5 weeks done

This week was interests. I really like visual design so this being design was a good week :). I started out with doing my daily creates. This week we had to do 3 of them and they were interesting ones. I really enjoyed doing the ones that involved pictures because I like pictures haha.

The next thing I did was the assignments. We were asked to do 12 stars with 6 of them dedicated to our character. The first one I chose was Newspaper Design worth 3 stars and I did it about my character. This was a very interesting to do and fun to make it about my character because it gave me more ways to add to his story. The next assignment I completed was Noir Valentines worth 2 stars and I also made it about my character. This one was also a interesting assignment and I liked how I could sort of give my character an image. Next I did the assignment Lyric Typography Poster worth 4 stars. I have done so many of these because I find them fun and interesting. I really like to make my own typography. The last one that I completed was Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper worth 4 stars and it is also about my character. This was another fun activity because it was something else I could add to my characters growing personality.

After those were finished I did my Design Blitz. This was just like the photo safari. It was an interesting assignment and it really did help me understand what design really was in noir even though my pictures may not actually belong in noir.

Man this week really had a decent amount of blogging haha. Ok so the next part I did was read the booklet about design.  At some parts the booklet was interesting but most of it was just boring and repeated thing I had already known in art classes and other design based classes that I had taken. I will say that it was an interesting read nun the less.

So next thing that was done was to watch one of the videos.  Again I felt like this was just like all the other videos that we had been watching but it was interesting to watch it knowing that I was looking for something different but still was able to point out all the other elements of noir that we have been learning so far. I did enjoy the move because it was nice to not have to read something else.

Wow ok so the last thing that was done this week was to read up on copyright. The only part of this section that I liked was the videos again. I really liked the TED talk and I found it interesting when he called out culture the “Read only culture”. I get both sides of this argument but it is true that the creative minds of people are being greatly punished due to the binds that people are put in due to the copyright laws.  It was very interesting to see what other people thought on this topic.

Well ok then lets start week 6!

Week 4 over!!!

So this week was not my favorite but now that I am done I can say that I did enjoy it. I love music and playing around with adding different things to songs but not for a grade so I hope I achieved the intended final projects. The first thing we were asked to do was to think about audio storytelling.  My favorite part of this assignment had to have been the noir radio tweet along. It was so different than our other assignments and we got to work together in a way that had us communicate like a classroom setting but at the same time nothing like a classroom setting (if that makes any sense). This also really helped me learn more about twitter because it still confuses me in some ways.

The next thing that was asked of us for week 4 was to do 2 daily creates for the week. I did the first 2 daily creates and I found them interesting. They both had to do with visual things so I guess that shows what I like best about this class so far.

After the daily creates we were asked to create a bumper for the radio. I really liked making this bumper even though it took me a while. It was cool to be able to make a short snip it that introduces something in only a few seconds.

And after that we were asked to do 8 stars in the assignment bank. The first one we had to do which was worth 3.5 stars and that was Sound Effects Story about our character. This was a hard assignment to try and find the right effects that fit together and still told a story but it was an enjoyable assignment. After that assignment I chose to do the assignment called Make your own ringtone worth 1.5 stars. This one was not as much fun but I guess everything in school can’t always be fun.  The last assignment that I chose to do was Sound Scapes worth 4.5 stars. This one I did enjoy and made extra songs because I thought it was fun.

The last assignment we were given (other than this summary but we always have to do this) was to brainstorm ideas for a radio show. I plan to keep adding ideas to this list as the weeks go on but my three ideas I think are the best ones so it is going to be hard to come up with others. :)

So to end this summary this week was enjoyable now that it is over. It was also something that I had to work hard to complete. SO bring on week 5!!!

End of Week 3

This week is finally over. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on blogging when the Superbowl is on? Well only distracting at halftime and commercials. I really love photos so this week was great for me. The first thing we had to do was watch/read different examples of ways to make visual art. I talked about what I thought of photos in one of my blogs this week. The resources that we reviewed proved what I thought about photos from the beginning.

The next thing we had to do this week was watch 2 noir videos. I have to say that I would have rather done more photos than watch those videos again haha. They were both long and really hard to understand.

The photo safari that we completed this week was very interesting. It took a while to find enough pictures that I thought would fit properly into each of the categories but when I finished I loved it. I have never gone out to take pictures with a criteria of what they need to be of. This made the photos had to take and also hard for me to find ones that I liked.

Can not forget the daily creates though. Those are still a fun thing that I look forward to each day. I love wondering what will be the next days task.

The assignments that we had to do this week were so much more fun than last week. Having to do 10 stars with 5 going towards my character was not hard at all. I did what’s in your bag for 3 stars about my character. I really liked doing this one because it made me have to think about more things to add to Caleb’s life but also made it a fun assignment. Another assignment that I completed was A-Z photo collage for 3 stars about Caleb also. This one was really hard to complete. Having to find things that represented Caleb took a really long time. I still liked it no matter how long it took. I loved the assignment Poetry Art which was also worth 3 points. It was a lot of fun to take one of my photos that I took and put it with my favorite poem. The last assignment that I completed was putting Disney into focus worth 2 points. This was an easy assignment because all I had to do was take a picture of an object that relates to a Disney movie. I chose Beauty and the Beast because it is my favorite movie.

This week was a good week and I am ready to see what next week brings.

This week is over

The start of the week we were asked to read a couple different forms of noir. I really enjoyed reading The Postman Always Rings Twice. Just a brief summery of this story: it is about a Greek and his wife who hire a rambling man. After they hire him there is a domino affect of events. My favorite part is when Cora, the wife, and Frank, the rambling man, try to kill the Greek the first time. This part reminds me so much of one of the stories in The Canterbury Tales called The Wife of Bath’s Tale. This story fits into noir so well (I know that is why we read it). There are dumb cops/ detectives, creating wives, many attempted killings, and no one has a happy ending. I also found it interesting when the one prosecutor (I think he was)  tried to blackmail Cora and Frank but they turned it around on him so fast.

The other readings I did not find nearly as interesting which is sad because they were almost all shorter to read. In one of my earlier posts I talked about what I thought of Debris. This was another interesting read but nothing really spectacular. Reading The Shadow was interesting because I felt like I was reading a script for scooby-doo in some ways. But again it was not an exciting read.

I found it surprisingly difficult to come up with a character dossier. I feel like it may be easier to pick out something that is noir than have to make up something that fits into the category. I did though like having to make up a random person with a random life where it is up to me how they turn out later on in this semester. I am actually excited to see what I come up with later.

O wow this week did have a lot to be done but non of it was impossible haha. Writing this ending to the week I am having to tie everything in that has been completed and man have I done a lot so far, well I think I have done a lot haha. Excited to see whats next. I really did enjoy the daily creates and the writing assignments that we got to choose out of the assignment bank. So many options made it easy to decide what to do. For the daily creates I made a separate blog post to fit all those in. I encourage you to take a look at them. For the writing assignments I did an Alternative Ending, Haiku it up, What’s in a Name, Police Beat, and Three Word Wednesday. The last two I wrote using my character which I did not find as difficult as I thought I would.

For next week I am looking forward to seeing what the daily creates are. I also need to figure twitter out better. It is still rather confusing. Well it looks like this is another ending to another week. Off to week 3!!


Ending to first week

This week was very interesting. I have never made any of the social media that we need for this class. Twitter has to be one of the hardest things to use. I don’t get what people are saying or how they find things in it. I know that Twitter will be something that I will have to work on for a while before I really am conformable using it.

I really like flickr. I love doing things like photo and video editing so flickr is fun to see a picture that I took turn from just a normal picture to something that looks totally different. Even though I do like using flickr I am still trying to learn how to tag the pictures and name them and even search for different pictures.

marry go round

Gravatar had to be the hardest to use. The sad part was that it is so simple but it took me so long to finally get it to work. I had to add different emails and change the picture multiple times but I finally got it to work. Other than how long it took me to finally figure out that I had the wrong email Gravatar has to be the easiest out of them all.

SoundCloud gave me no trouble. All I had to do was set it up then start to add the music that I want into the categories that I thought they fight in perfectly. I made a playlist so I can keep track of how my friend from high school is coming along with here career.

The last social media that we were told to use was YouTube. So far all I’ve ever had to do with it was search for the things I wanted. This class I have a feeling will challenge me if I have to upload things to it or try and take things from it. So far though YouTube shows to be no trouble.

Well I guess this blog is also a social media site so I need to add this one as well. I had not trouble with this. I have used a blog on my domain in another class so opening this new one was not hard and learning how to use it was not hard either.

I found it interesting to learn about noir and what it actually is. The videos helped explain what it means and so did the 2 readings.  The video that made me think of my example of noir was the scooby-doo episode. I picked phantom of the opera which if you watched the scooby-doo episode it resembles the Broadway musical so much. The mystery of not knowing and the darkness involved in the theme of noir is a very interesting thing to use as a theme for the class. I am excited to see how this theme will evolve over the course of the semester.

So to sum up this week I am excited for the class but not excited for the course load. I do not think it is going to be impossible to handle as long as I follow what the syllabus says every week and do not wait till the last second. Well don’t be scared to tweet me @a_seay55 and I’ll figure out how to reply eventually.