This week we were assigned to do 3 daily creates. The first one I did was on Wednesday the 25th. The assignment was to make a story using 5 emojis. I really enjoyed this assignment because it was fun to have to come up with a a story by looking at a few images.


doughnut cats

The next daily create that I did was on Saturday the 28th. This one was an interesting assignment to say the least. What we were asked to do was to take a picture of an everyday object being used as a heel. I used my cat as my object, she really did not appreciate me :(.


The last assignment that I completed was on Sunday the 1st. What was asked to do was to make a movie trailer about things that scare you. This was an interesting thing to do. I enjoyed making the video but did not really enjoy having to think about the things that scare me.


  1. Great job on the daily creates!

  2. Your emoji story is really funny! Someone needs to catch the cats in the act, so the doughnuts can be saved!

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