Daily creates!!! Week 8

This week we were asked to do 3 daily creates. This week I had one daily create that I loved and the rest were just ok to do. The first assignment that I did was on March 11th. It was to make an abstract sketch of something you did last week. What i drew was a snowman because it snowed when I went home and built a snowman with my brother.


The next daily create that I did was on March 12th and it was to make a video of things that makes you laugh out loud. I made a video of my cats. I actually really like this video and how I made it.

The last daily create that I did was on March 15th. It was to make an step by step list of how to do something. What I chose was to do one on how to make pasta. I really did not enjoy this one but it was easy to do.

spaghetti steps

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  1. I really like your video of the cats. They are adorable and look like they are fun to have around. :)

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