My group has decided to make a radio show about our characters and how they are intertwined. We have started to come up with a script that is three acts in length. Before we can start out recording we have started to make a script. It is still a work in progress but the concept is there. We have also decided that the bumpers that are going to be used are the ones that we made last week. We still have to make one more bumper for the end of the show. It is proving to be a little difficult to come p with some commercial ideas though.

Our group contains three people also and all of our characters fit nicely into our idea for the show. It should be an interesting radio show when it gets finished.

So to sum up the rambling we have started to sum up what we paln on doing and where everything will fit in. The next step is to make the final script, a fourth bumper, and the 3 commercials. I am looking forward to seeing how this ends up.