This week was all about learning how to make videos. Well before we could even start the videos we had to finish the radio shows. The tweet along this week was just as much fun as always but I have to say it was rather confusing. I still love doing it though and seeing how other people feel when they first hear something and what their reactions are.

Because this is the end to the radio shows that means, of course, there needs to be a blog post about it. I must say that I loved this radio show assignment and I loved hearing how everyone else completed this assignment.

And of course there was daily creates this week. I am still enjoying those and looking forward to the next ones.

Something else that we had to do was watch a few short videos and read an article about videos. The videos were quite interesting and the article said a lot that I remember that we were also told in the visual part of this class.

I chose to do the 8 stars worth of assignments this week. The first assignment that I did was  called Countdown To Christmas worth 3 stars. The next one was 5 Seconds Film worth 4.5 stars about my character and Chelsea’s character. The last assignment was Create A Lyric Video worth 3 stars. I had a lot of fun with these assignments.

The last thing we had to do this week was make a video commenting on how we felt the video that we watched used the skills that we read about. This was a really difficult movie to make.