Looking back on the radio show I still love it. It was so much fun but that does not mean it didn’t come with its fair share of difficulties. The first difficulty was finding a time we could all meet that didn’t conflict with sports or school or work. After finishing the project we loved it. It was so great to hear it live on the radio but we were afraid that people wouldn’t understand it. See everyone’s tweets than how they felt in there blog posts made everything worth while. People seemed to really enjoy the show and all the hard work that we put in to have it finished. Something that probably helped a lot was that my roommate was in my group. It was easy to find times her and I could work on it. It ended up we did the editing in 2 different states and it didn’t make it any harder or easier. The part I enjoyed the most about this project has to be the recording part. It was so much fun to be able to goof around with my group. I didn’t realize how many takes we would have to do because people kept saying the wrong words or they laughed. But that was the best part because you got to see peoples personalities better.

Some advise that I would give to future ds106 students is don’t be afraid to ask people to join your group over twitter and do not stress over this assignment. It is a lot of fun and does not take up as much time but that does not mean it’s good to wait till Sunday night to do it. That will result in a show that probably will be way to short. Just enjoy this project. It is fun.