Another thing that was asked to do this week is read about videos and watch 3 of the assigned ones. I picked 3 of the youtube videos. The reason I chose them was of course they are rather short but also I love the task of editing video and these all sounded like things that should be known when you edit a video. I really liked the video on camera angles because last year in my fsem we watched goodfellas and the way they showed the scene in the dinner with the camera moving out was so cool because I didn’t even pay that much attention to how dramatic it made the scene. I liked when the video stated that the more you deviate from the norm the better it would be. Another thing I didn’t realize was how many different camera angles there are and how they really change the way you see a movie. I have to say though that the editing techniques video was nothing new to what I already knew but it was cool to see all the things that I use in my videos to blend scenes is actually in movies and I just never paid as much attention or cared as much as I do with my own videos.

Reading that article reminded me of the articles and things we worked on with pictures. The shadows and camera angles apply to both forms. It is really interesting how close but completely different pictures and videos are.