Radio Show progress

This week was all about doing the radio show. It was so hard to find times to get together as a group but I bet it would be a lot harder if it was more than 3 of us in the group. We decided to meet on Thursday of the snow day at school and because of that we got a lot done. We used the sound booth and recorded the whole thing and wrote the whole script. I did not expect to have to redo the recordings as many times as we did. There was so many mess ups and redoes.

The biggest problem was having to do the commercials. We decided that we were going to use the bumpers that we already made but each of us had to make a commercial. That was hard to complete or figure out a good idea for it. Other than that the radio show was a fun project and no where near as hard as I expected it to be and a lot more fun.


  1. I agree that it would have been harder with more people. I had 4 in my group and I thought it was plenty! :) With everyone’s schedules, it makes it harder to meet when you have a lot of people in one group. I’m glad you had fun with the project, I did, as well. It sounds like you took advantage of your snow and so did we. It really aided script writing and recording! Congrats on the end of the week!

  2. I agree with struggling to find time to meet with your group especially for an online class. I had six people in my group so it was near mission impossible. I can’t wait to hear what you guys have done!

  3. I really enjoyed working on the radio show with you. I agree with everything you said about how the show went. The only thing I do not agree with is how you said the commercials were the hardest part. I actually enjoyed doing them.

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