This week there is a ton of posts that were asked to do. Again we were asked to do daily creates. 3 of them to be exact. I liked the video one the best of mine but they were all rather interesting.

The next thing that was completed was the tweet along of a radio show. I really liked the show that I listened in on. It was a little confusing but did not loose my interest at all.

Another thing we had to do this week was 4 inspire assignments. The first one I did was a picture of a cat in space. Then I did one for someones eye daily create. Next was an assignment where they were asked to combine 2 logos to make one. The last inspire that I did was another daily create called my different sides. That last one was my favorite out of all of them.

Next we were asked to do 10 stars worth of assignments. These assignments all need to be about our characters and another character in the class. It was extra credit if you did the assignments with another person also. Chelsea and I did all of the assignments about both of our characters, Caleb and shadow, and we worked together on all of them. The first assignment was called DS106 Horror worth 1 star. The next assignment we did was Professor Groom Poster worth 4.5 stars. Then we did the assignment Cheesy Radio Ad For Your school worth 3.5 stars. The last assignment we did was Make My Day worth 3 stars. These were all so much more fun to complete because we did them as if they were a story and we did them together.

The last thing to do this week is to comment 10 times again:

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